ICSE 2012


Product LinE Approaches in Software Engineering (PLEASE 2012)
held in conjunction with the
34rd International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 2012)

Software Product Line Engineering (SPLE) is a software engineering discipline aiming to provide methods for identifying and defining a product line and improving the quality of its products along with making their production more efficient. SPLE practices promote systematic software reuse by identifying and managing commonalities and variabilities across the whole product portfolio. By adopting SPLE practices organizations are able to achieve significant improvement in time-to-market and quality, reduce engineering and maintenance costs, portfolio size, and more.

However, despite the proven benefits of SPLE, it is still in the early adopter stage. In many cases, organizations tend to use practice-based, ad-hoc reuse techniques, which, while sufficient for a small number of products, do not scale in the long run and result in increased complexity, as well as inability to sustain the desired quality level. Impediments to SPLE adoption vary from organizational, governmental, and process issues to issues related to engineering tools, design and testing methodologies, and others.

To promote SPLE adoption in practice, this workshop aims to identify industrial problems in the area of SPLE and establish ongoing interactions among software engineering practitioners and researchers from industry and academia.

PLEASE is an interactive workshop that aims to connect participants and establish long-term collaborations among them. For instance, researchers and experienced users will be able to apply their expertise to industrial problems, while industrial participants can benefit from the suggested solutions. We also expect additional exchanges of ideas by connecting people working on similar challenges or similar solutions.